Ben Affleck Apologizes for Groping Young Actress’s Breast

I find it so bizarre how people follow movie stars or athletes like they’re gods. But, perhaps if I had, I would have realized sooner why Hollywood reacted so vehemently to the Access Hollywood tapes.

Reading does certainly have its advantages over other more modern modes of entertainment. I did a bit of research on Affleck (Ben, not the insurance) to write this article. But, it doesn’t take long to deduce this man has been flinging stones his entire career.

One of the first things I encountered after wading through the first few pages of headlines surrounding this Weinstein-triggered nightmare, was a Vanity Fair article praising Affleck for being a staunch Democrat and condemning President Trump’s infamous “locker room talk”.

The Republican nominee’s remarks were inappropriate. “Women should never be talked about in that way,” the actor said. “Even if it was a private conversation.” – Ben Affleck

Fast forward 11 months… Actress Hilarie Burton is now accusing Warner Batman actor Ben Affleck of sexual harassment. There is video footage and the line is blurred. More info involving this report is available on the next page.

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