Belgian Politician: European Civil War is Imminent, Governments are Losing Control

Vlaams Belang, a leading figure of the right-wing Vlaams Belang party in Belgium, says that attacks on police are carried out in an effort to undermine the government, while attacks on bars, shops, and cafés are a direct attack on white culture. Belang says civil war in Europe is “closer than we think.”

“I think the tensions will only increase,” Dewinter tells Belgian news outlet Sceptr. “What we see is a sort of ethnic underside of society, people who aren’t raised well and who know nothing else other than rioting, violence and vandalism.”

“We have reached a pre-revolutionary condition in which people separate themselves from society into gangs motivated by radical Islam,” Dewinter says.

According to Dewinter the intent behind the attacks is as follows. Attacks on the police are attacks on the state’s authority and attacks on shops are attacks on white culture.

“This form of violence can lead to a civil war if governments lose control and white people revolt.” He adds: “This situation is closer than we think, it could erupt really quickly and large cities will be the battlefields.”

Dewinter says “Complete neighbourhoods are already beyond control of the government and the police because Islamic cultural structures have overtaken them”.

There will be a point in time where this ethnic violence will be large-scale then there won’t be much needed for the situation to explode.

As we highlighted yesterday, numerous major cities in France were rocked by riots after the World Cup final, and in one incident a young couple were beaten by a gang of Algerian men for the crime of saying “Vive la France!”

Dewinter’s concerns are shared by Palestinian-Belgian jihad expert Montasser AlDe’emeh, who warned that western European countries were “importing a civil war” by allowing in huge numbers of Islamic migrants.

In 2016, prominent French author Éric Zemmour gave an interview with French radio station RTL during which he revealed details of a program called “Operation Ronces,” under which French authorities are preparing for “civil war” against Muslims in order to “clean up” the country.

Zemmour said a highly placed source in the government told him the plan would represent a “new reconquista on their own soil”.

In 2015, it was revealed that French security forces were preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods.

The Army is making contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory,” winning back areas of cities, in the event of immigrant populations obtaining weapons and becoming openly hostile to authorities.

Sources: Infowars, EU Times



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