Behar: “If You are Going to Take People’s Guns Away, Wait Until You Get Elected”, “Don’t Tell Them Ahead of Time”

There are times when people on the Democrat side of the aisle surprise us; times when they say something or do something that makes us remember why the Democrat Party once upon a time could convince half of the American people that they were adult enough to run our country.

Today, Joy Behar proved that, not only is this NOT one of those times, but also that the Democrats are beginning to morph into some unimaginable terror that puts to bed any notion that they have the best interests of the country in mind. If George Soros and Karl Marx had a baby, the modern Democrat Party would be it (apologies to babies and new mothers and fathers everywhere).

The DNC Network show “The View” was running today with the usual nonsense about all the terrible ideas that are NOT being implemented by our government, but that should, when Joy Behar decided to grant some advice to the Democrats as the subject of gun control was broached. She bemoaned the fact that Beto O’Rourke (who apparently very much impressed the lifelong Democrat) had made the fatal error of telling the truth about the Progressive movement when he said that they were coming for your guns! She wondered why in the heck he was even giving the American people a heads-up on this.

“They should not tell everything they’re going to do. If you’re going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected — then take the guns away! Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

The fact that we already know their intentions with gun control is not half as funny as Meghan McCain pointing out that the Republican Party will be using Beto’s proclamation that, “Hell, yes, we’re taking away your AR-15s and AK47s!” as an advertisement against the Left for the next decade. Not that McCain is a rocket scientist when it comes to political planning (she thought that Donald Trump was an idiot and she is one of the original Never-Trumpers) but the fact is that the Republican Party could literally take the words of Joy Behar in this clip and play them ad nauseum to further this message.

We are more than aware that the Democrats want our guns. That’s a given. It’s just nice these days to see them so enraged and frothing at the mouth as to forget for a moment the promise they made to themselves in the bathroom mirror not to admit the true intentions of the Democrat Party. It’s hilarious to watch these Liberals insert their Size 13 jackboots into their mouths each and every time they open them up to spew their lies.

Once in a while, we believe that the Left will suddenly forget that they hate us enough to just start reeling in their hatred, taking a deep breath, and attempting to derive some wisdom…just a big of retrospect regarding their crazy actions, and then understand that this country is a great place and that its people can do great things together.

Then, we wake up to realize that it was all just a nice dream, one where we thought for a fleeting moment that the Democrats could stop being nuts. Sigh.


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