Behar Calls McCain an ‘Entitled B*tch,’ Threatens to Quit ‘The View’

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg was forced to quickly cut to commercial break after a heated exchange between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain – which later escalated off air.

Behar was then seen slamming her cue cards on the table and turning to sound off on McCain just as producers cut to break. Producers muted Behar's microphone so that her expletives would not be heard on air.

But the source told that Behar threw her hands in the air, yelled ‘My God!' and ‘Get this b***h under control.'

‘If this s**t doesn't stop I'm quitting this damn show. I can't take this much more,' Behar allegedly fumed.

Producers ran to the stage in an attempt to deescalate the situation, but Behar continued to rant, the source said.

‘I've tolerated a lot of s**t on this show but I'm at my wits' end with this entitled b***h. Enough already! Enough already! I'm not playing nice any longer,' Behar shouted, despite the studio audience being able to hear it all.

McCain, who producers on the show have allegedly nicknamed ‘The Ice Princess' and ‘Elsa' from the film Frozen, due to her cold demeanor to staffers on the show, turned red following the blow-up her.

‘I don't know why she's so upset,' McCain reportedly said. ‘I just wanted her to focus on President Bush and not bring Trump into this for once.'

While hair and makeup people attempted to groom both of the hosts, producers tried to calm Behar down before returning from the commercial break.

‘Everyone was frantic. The last thing they wanted was for Joy to walk off the show. She's done that before. Remember the Bill O'Reilly situation? She appeared just as disgusted as she did that day and they only had two minutes to contain this explosion on set and get everyone positioned to return for the next live segment. It was utter chaos on set,' the source said.

When McCain returned to The View on October 6 following an extended hiatus after the death of her father, the late Senator John McCain, everyone on the show handled her very delicately because they were told by network executives that she was ‘very fragile' and ‘still in deep grief' seven weeks after her father's funeral.

‘Producers have been fearful that things were becoming combustible again with Behar and McCain after a few tense exchanges on air, but were hoping the two could make it through until the December hiatus later this month so that everyone could have a few weeks to relax. As you see, that didn't happen,' the source explained.

Following the live Monday show, neither woman spoke to each other and producers and network executives met with them individually in their dressing rooms.

‘This isn't the last you've seen of these two coming to blows. You can trust and believe that,' the source said.

Here are the videos regarding Kid Rock's comments about Behar.



Source: Daily Mail


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