It Begins: Single Jihadist Kills 3 American Citizens On US Soil

We now have a clear and confessed story of jihad in America – a Muslim man kills 3 people due to American actions in the Middle East. Yet mainstream media ignores the story, which was ultimately broken by a New York-area radio host, Todd Pettengill, who happened to know the latest victim.

“If there was ever a reason to riot in the streets in the name of humanity, it would be for this case. But has that happened? No, and I’m not suggesting that it should. …This should be talked about and written about and the American people should know. Why’s Eric Holder not visiting the Tevlin family? Why is the president not going to mention Brendan Tevlin tonight?” Pettengill stated Wednesday on WPLJ’s “The Todd Show.”

Make no mistake, in the coming war on US soil you will be labeled a domestic terrorist along with the real jihadists Obama has allowed to cross our borders if you are a Conservative or oppose the government in any way.

The people who blame the government, and rightly so, for allowing these terrorists to enter our borders will be labeled anything from ‘an interference in the war’ to ‘domestic terrorists’ and will be dealt with accordingly.

 A very smart plan. Don’t be fooled by the idiot politicians who play the fall guy for their actions, the communists at the top are playing a very smart game. And it seems we are very behind because we are now playing ball on their field, not ours. We are reacting to their moves and so long as we are doing so we are subject to their actions and are trailing.

The reason evil is winning is because it has a plan. Good folk just live their lives. Time for humanity to learn a hard lesson.

Martha MacCallum, who has highlighted the Tevlin case on America’s Newsroom, spoke to Pettengill about what he thinks should happen as a result of Tevlin’s death.

Pettengill said he may not have heard about this story if his daughter hadn’t been friends with the Tevlin family.

“Where is the outrage for a young man, 19 years old, who was killed because he was an American? That’s it. There’s no two sides to this story,” he lamented.

MacCallum said initially, people wrongly assumed that Tevlin was killed buying drugs, but it turned out there was no drug-related element to the crime.

“Now we know that he was targeted because he was a white man alone in his car,” she noted.

MacCallum pointed out that Brown is the suspect in three other targeted killings. She noted that it looks like a case of “serial terrorism.”

Pettengill said he reached out to the family to make sure they were OK that he speak on his show about his outrage over the killing.

“This kid was murdered because he was an American and that’s where the story should begin. That’s where the discussion should take place. Because domestic terrorism is here. It happened in New Jersey,” said Pettengill.

Pettengill asked people to call attention to the murder on social media using #BrendanTevlin and visit the Facebook page dedicated to Tevlin’s memory.

So where has the national media been on this story? “Outnumbered” took on that question this afternoon.




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