Beauty Salon Owner Arrested For ‘Banning’ Muslims In Facebook Post

As unfortunate as Major's alleged comments are, the reactions of some social media users to her arrest are almost as, if not equally, disturbing. Indeed, many commenters gleefully reveled in the imprisonment of a woman for exercising her right to free speech, although some bravely spoke out on behalf of her being able to express her beliefs. As RT reports:

“A majority of Facebook users commenting on the announcement welcomed the move to curb ‘intolerance.'

‘Thank you TVP! Fantastic justice for those having to deal with this stuff right now,' wrote one user.

‘Very proud of the Thames Valley police, we need to challenge intolerance wherever it comes from,' another said.

Other Facebook users criticized the arrest, accusing the police of wasting money and suppressing freedom of speech.

‘Whilst I agree posting opinions on Facebook leaves you open to criticism, isn’t she entitled to her own opinion as she is her own religion?? Complete waste of police time and obviously the do gooders in Bicester have far to[o] much time on there hands [sic],' one user said.

‘Ive reported Thames valley police to Facebook for racist comment towards British people. Sick and disgusted by them. Shame I lost faith in the police these days [sic],' another wrote.”

Apparently, Major's rights end where the Thames Valley PD's feelings begin.





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