The BBC Claims a Crazy Reason Citizens Shouldn’t Oppose Shariah Law

A BBC reporter and interviewee Ruquiya Haris attacked a man in the midst of their interview, when he made the statement, “There is no Sharia here”.  ‘Paul’, who was merely sitting in the same London park, chose to exercise his freedom of speech, but meant no disrespect. His calm demeanor was deeply contrasted by the screaming reporter and Haris.

Ms. Haris bolts up from her interview on a park bench as Ms. Nye glares in a disgusted manner at the man.

“Do you wanna talk about Shariah law, you wanna talk about Shariah law to me?” she shouts at the man as she stands over him.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” says Paul, attempting to extricate himself from a situation where one of the world’s largest broadcasters now has its cameras turned on him while a Muslim woman and a BBC presenter scream questions at him.

He calmly states, in the awkwardly clipped BBC footage, “We’re losing our right to freedom of expression.”

“We’re being told to be politically correct when we don’t want to be politically correct.”

The man remains seated in the grass and you can see in the reflection in his sunglasses there are at least three people standing over him, filming and firing questions.

The BBC then clipped its footage of the incident, uploaded it to its website and social media channels, and headlined it: “BBC Islamophobia discussion interrupted by Islamophobia”. Breitbart London asked BBC for unedited footage, but were refused.

There is no indication as to what was “Islamophobic” about the man’s comments, leading social media users to believe that the BBC’s position on Islamophobia is now opposition to Shariah law.

Even this article may be Islamophobic according to the BBC.

View confrontation at 5:16

Source: Breitbart



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