Barack Obama Silent as Black Lives Matter Riots after Killing of Armed Suspect

This week, a black cop in Milwaukee, WI killed an armed black man. The ensuing anti-police riots elicited the most inappropriate response imaginable from Barack Obama — none at all.

The vacationing President Barack Obama has issued no statement on the riot in Milwaukee Saturday night over the fatal police shooting of an armed Black criminal–not even a call for peace while the shooting is investigated.

The rioting left four officers wounded and caused Gov. Scott Walker to activate the National Guard in case of further riotimg.

Instead, Obama went golfing Sunday on Martha’s Vineyard where he is taking his annual two-week summer vacation. The traveling White House issued a statement that Obama had been briefed on the riot by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett who was in contact with officials in Milwaukee on behalf of the president–but no statement calling for peace was included in the White House announcement.

Obama's refusal to stand up for an African American cop who killed an armed suspect shows how unwilling he is to condemn any aspect of Black Lives Matter. Even when it seems easy, Obama still refuses to stand up for the police.

Source: The Gateway Pundit




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