Bannon: “We’re Gonna Cut Off the Oxygen to Mitch McConnell!”

Only a few days after Rush Limbaugh announced on his Wednesday magical fourth hour radio show (that airs on the internet only for subscribers) that he believed Steve Bannon was preparing to take over in the stead of the defeated and corrupt Republican National Committee (RNC), the former Chief Strategist to the White House appeared on the Fox News Sean Hannity Show to talk with the Conservative radio and TV personality about his new push to save the nation through a complete top-to-bottom, thorough purge of the capital’s filthy Swamp.

Bannon was not pulling any punches and he was quite emphatic about what he was saying.  When asked in an outright fashion by Hannity whether or not he was declaring war on the Establishmentariat, without hesitation he answered, “Yes, absolutely.”

HANNITY:  They have betrayed their promises.  How do you make a promise for seven and a half years and not fulfill it?

BANNON:  It’s a lack of sense of urgency.  By the way, these guys work THREE DAYS A WEEK!  The American people now have people working two jobs, their wives are working two jobs.  They know the urgency out there on the economic hate crimes that have been perpetuated on the American working men and women in this country because of the trade deal.

HANNITY:  Is this a fair statement?  Is Steve Bannon declaring war on the Establishment that are not for the working men and women in this country?

BANNON:  A hundred percent.  We are declaring war on the Republican Establishment that does not back the agenda that Donald Trump ran on and the President of the United States…and that is an agenda that we know backs the working men and women in this country.

HANNITY:  So, this is basically a war because you know what McConnell did in Alabama?

BANNON:  Absolutely.  I’ve had Donald Trump…I’ve had McConnell —

HANNITY:  And you know there are people out there like Karl Rove who are gonna put in all their money…

BANNON:  Karl Rove, Steven Law…these guys should get the joke.  Their donors are coming to us, because they’re tired of having their money burned up, by trying to destroy people like Judge Moore.  It’s a new game in town.  We’re gonna cut off the oxygen to Mitch McConnell.  Mitch McConnell’s biggest asset is the money.  We’re gonna make it the biggest liability.  We’re goin’ after these guys tooth and nail.

HANNITY:  I got a question for you.  Does that mean that people that voted in 2010 and 2014 and 2016, now have to wait to see a victory in 2018?  That’s a long time for the American people to wait.

BANNON:  To take your country back, it’s not gonna happen in just any one election.  This is something you’re gonna have to grind out, day in and day out, for the next five, ten, fifteen or twenty years.  It took us a long time to get here.  There’s no magic wand we can wave and drain the Swamp.  There’s no magic wand we can wave and blow up this Establishment.  I hate to tell people:  “You’re gonna have to work.”  But you know what?  The grit, determination and courage of the American working men and women…we’re gonna win.

HANNITY:  I’m glad you’re not goin’ after Cruz.  I’ve already endorsed him.

BANNON:  I’m not.  Ted Cruz is a good man.

HANNITY:  I’ll tell you what.  Ted Cruz has done…is one of the few that has…he stood there and said we have the Constitutional authority to not fund ObamaCare.  And his own party betrayed him.

BANNON:  They’re good men.  I gotta tell you, we are gonna…even safer comments like [John] Barrasso and Deb Fisher…they have to understand something.  Just voting is not good enough.  You have to have a sense of urgency.  Nobody’s safe.  We’re comin’ after all of them.  And we’re gonna win.

HANNITY:  Street fighter, Steve Bannon…good to see you.

The gauntlet has been thrown down and all those who were part of the Tea Party movement (and never stopped being part of it) and the evolution of the deplorables that have slowly but surely merged with the Tea Party, need to act now in a way that shows that we will not allow our government be run by a bunch of wealthy millionaires who think nothing of the people they look down upon and only work to line their own pockets and build their own little empires.

This falls neatly into line with a sanction petition of the Republican National Committee that seeks to deny the RNC of its donations, its influence and its voice.  They must be compelled to begin working on behalf of their voters instead of dismissing them out of hand and regarding them as nothing more than the penny-donors that they would just as soon spit on as they would move legislation on their behalf.

Sign the petition to sanction the RNC and help Steve Bannon and the other like-minded men and women around the country who are attempting to usurp the party and bring sanity and restraint back to our national conversation.

Sign the Petition!


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