Banning God Bless America From Baseball

Banning God Bless America From Baseball

Afraid of guns and now God Bless America, Gersh Kuntzman from the New York Daily Newsonce again bloviates his athei-leftist and vacuous opinions in a new column at the Daily News, but this time regarding baseball and the 7th-inning-stretch.

After making a foolish name for himself by describing his panic-stricken experience of firing AR-15, Kuntzman once again opens himself up for perfectly aimed ridicule when he states that God Bless America, the song sung during the 7th-inning-stretch at America's past time, should be benched.

“It must be permanently retired as it offends everyone,” according to Kuntzman.  Perhaps Gersh just hates baseball or America or God or all of the above, as his statistics supporting the idea that the song “offends everyone” is invalidated when a stadium full of fans still sing it in an uproarious fashion when played.

Kuntzman claims he was okay with the anthem right after 9/11, “singing a paean to our country provided catharsis, comfort and shared heartache”, but has since decided to hate it and the message it brings.

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