Baltimore Police Sue Marilyn Mosby For ‘Malicious Prosecution’

Baltimore Police Sue Marilyn Mosby For ‘Malicious Prosecution’

Occasionally a politician or two will face justice for their outrageous actions, and so it appears that may happen in Baltimore over the case of Freddie Gray, a black male substance abuser and frequent guest of the Baltimore jail house for one infraction or another. Some months ago, Freddie was picked up for yet another clash with officers and placed in the back of the paddy wagon for a trip to the jail. There were a total of six officers who interacted with Freddy that day. Unfortunately, Freddie was not restrained in the back of the vehicle, no doubt because the officers knew him and were providing him with more freedom during his ride to the jail.

Unfortunately, Freddie may have been walking around in the back or doing other things and he fell enroute, resulting in a broken neck, and ultimate death from his injury. The six officers involved were a mix of ethnicities, but the instantaneous reaction of Blacks Lives Matter city residents (and imported agitators) was that it was a case of murder against an unarmed black man, and the mayor, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, and Major Sam Cogen of the Baltimore Sheriffs office immediately condemned the officers and convicted them of murder in the court of public opinion. Two of the officers were recently acquitted in a court case, and the others should follow suit shortly. Now the officers are fighting back.

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