Backlash as Carson Condems Pro-Lifers

Backlash as Carson Condems Pro-Lifers

Carson may have cut his campaign short after  he made comments ABC’s This Week and CBS' Face the Nation, saying pro-lifers have partial responsibility in the Colorado shooting.

Pro-life groups were outraged at his statements and responded by saying, that his campaign for President is over, that he took his talking points from Planned Parenthood and “Outrageous! Carson is dead wrong, period!”

Carson's view that the rhetoric from pro-lifers was somehow a catalyst that caused Robert Lewis Dear to go on a shooting rampage at the Planned Parenthood lines up with the left's media bias and not with the conservative beliefs Carson claims to hold.

This is certainly not the first time Carson has opened his mouth and ostracized the evangelicals who are staunchly pro-life and who he needs to support him.  Of course, Carson will have some kind of explanation of what he really meant when saying that the pro-life rhetoric needs to simmer down and is cause for the Colorado shooting, but this may be the final straw that will topple his run for President.

On page two, read some of the comments coming out of the pro-life community in response to Carson's statements.

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