Ayatollah: Muslims Have a Responsibility to Shatter U.S., the ‘Idol of Tyranny’


Excerpts from the message:

“You Muslim [pilgrims] – this issue is your top priority. You must ponder it, and know that with which you are charged under [the law of] Islam. The senior clerics, politicians, and cultural figures have a weightier mission, in the fulfillment of which, unfortunately, they are remiss. Instead of dealing with sparking religious schism, instead of remaining passive in the face of the enemy, and instead of engaging in trivial matters, the clerics, politicians, and cultural figures [respectively] must all identify the great pain of the Islamic world, and must accept and implement the mission with which God has charged them.”

“The plots of the global tyranny [i.e. the U.S.] in this matter must be identified, and ways to resolve [this matter] must be considered. The nations must demand this of their governments, and the governments must be true to their responsibilities,” Khamenei wrote.

Muslims are traveling to Mecca this week, for haji, a pilgrimage that is called on the 5 pillars of Islam.  Mecca is the place Muslims face when at prayer.  They walk around this square building, sacrifice animals, and go sleep over night in other holy places like Mount Arafat.  Khamenei, took to twitter (follow him here :) to update his followers.  In the above statement when he speaks of “pilgrims” this group is who he is addressing.  Feel free to give him a tweet!

Source: Christian Examiner



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