Authorities Destroy Tiny Homes Built for Homeless Because They ‘Create a Sense of Terror’

Anyone who has been to Los Angeles can tell you about the squalor and misery the city’s large homeless population endure. Forgotten by the liberal politicians who run the city, these poor souls are left to fend for themselves as authorities bury their head in the sand and hope it goes away. That is, until musician Elvis Summers took it upon himself to ease their plight and make tiny, solar-powered homes for them: instead of commending him for his act of charity, the city promptly seized the buildings and destroyed them:

“Elvis Summers crowdfunded tiny homes in part through his nonprofit, Starting Human, and raised over $100,000 for what he viewed as a decent, if temporary, solution. And with the help of volunteers in the contracting and construction business, built some 40 tiny homes of wood with steel-reinforced, locking doors to provide solid shelter for struggling tent-city residents.

Summers, who experienced houselessness in his 20s, viewed the little, self-sufficient houses as a creative solution to L.A.’s colossal homeless issue — particularly as the wooden structures provided a solid home base for those seeking jobs or drug and alcohol treatment.

So here you have the classic case of someone who went through a rough time, pulled himself out of it and sought to help others do the same. Noble right?

Well, this is is also a story that embodies another classic storyline and well-known proverb: let no good deed go unpunished!

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