Author Brad Thor Calls Would-Be Trump Assassin ‘Patriot’ on Glenn Beck

Author Brad Thor Calls Would-Be Trump Assassin ‘Patriot’ on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's obsession with Donald Trump has been well documented throughout this election season, as the former Fox News host seemed to make opposing Trump his solitary goal for much of the last year. Sure, he endorsed rival Ted Cruz, but he never seemed to speak of the Texas senator with the same passion with which he argued against Mr. Trump.

Of course, Beck's plan to keep Trump off the Republican ticket failed miserably. No longer capable of stopping the billionaire businessman from snatching the GOP nomination, Beck seemed to disappear back into the oblivion in which he had lived ever since leaving his cable news home.

Well, now he's back.

Sure, Trump recently acquired the necessary delegates to become the nominee, and sure, Trump is now polling better than Hillary Clinton in a general election, but that hasn't stopped Beck and his pals from plotting a Trump demise, nonetheless.

On an episode of Glenn Beck's radio show, author Brad Thor asked, “If congress won’t remove” Mr. Trump from White House, “what patriot will step up?” See the rest of what he said on the next page:

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