Austrian Cops Tell Women Not To Go Outside Because of Migrant Muslim Rape Gangs

One hundred and fifty cases of rape are currently open and under investigation in five different German cities. In Oslo, one hundred percent of their current rape cases have been committed by Muslims. Some of them have even taken to social media to claim that if women are being raped, it’s their own fault. Apparently they’re being seductive just by existing. The attitudes of these men are disgusting.

Reports across Europe on the extent of the rape epidemic are startling:

Sweden has told women to be aware of rape gangs after 15 women were raped in Kalmar.

Police in Finland have evidence attacks are coordinated.

150 cases of rape are currently under investigation in five German cities.

Cologne’s mayor has suggested a “code of conduct” for women, essentially imposing Sharia law for non-Muslim women.

Despite the warnings and all of the signs that preceded these happenings, Western European countries continue to let migrants in without proper screening, overrunning their own citizens with sexual violence and other predatory acts. What started out as a humanitarian mission has become a hostile takeover. And on the path these governments are taking to avoid Sharia Law, they’re slowly meeting it on a collision course.


Photo: antarcticaedu



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