Australian Judge Rules Cultural Differences Permit Afghan Refugee to Rape Western Women

A young man who immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan pled guilty to sexually assaulting 8 different women and minor girls at the beach in January. Outrage is high over the judge ruling that the young man was not responsible for his actions due to cultural and religious differences.

The judge's ruling is both appalling and absurd. Think back to the outrage surrounding the conviction of Brock Turner back in 2015. People were in an uproar over Turner only receiving a 6-month sentence for drunkenly assaulting a girl at a sorority party.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the judge told Turner what the Australian judge told the young Afghan man? Relax everybody. It’s just their culture. Get to know some more frat boys, girl. That’ll fix the problem. Don’t be scared. It might be hard but later on you’ll feel good we pushed you to spread your horizons and open up to new unwanted experiences. Now go apologize to poor mistreated Brock for being such a silly little backward racist. Words can’t even begin to convey the level of inevitable sarcastic indignation that envelopes one when forced to discuss liberal logic and political agendas.

Minorities talk about not having equal legal rights and that some people still think their apes and the such, instead of fully functional intelligent human beings responsible for their own lives and actions. They make a good point. It is beyond racist and insulting for the law of the land to hold them to animalistic standards of behavior.

Why is it okay for minorities to rape women, but a big no-no for white men?

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