Arsonists Target Homes Displaying American Flags

Tucker Carlson stood up to the left-wing mobs that have been empowered by weak Democratic leaders during his monologue on Tuesday. These Left wing mobs gun for anyone who doesn't 100% agree with their radical views.

The Citrus Heights suburb outside Sacramento has had a taste of just how deep and violent the anti-American sentiment by these leftist mobs have become. Arsonists have targeted 4 homes displaying the American flag.

Michael Howard has lived here for a decade. He was busy cleaning up some of the ashes left from the fires.

“This is the first time anything’s happened,” Howard said. “Gut reaction? Is it somebody with an agenda?”

Citrus Heights police are investigating the arsons and so far don’t know the motive, or whether the fires were set intentionally as part of the George Floyd worldwide movement.

“I really don’t want to think like that, I really don’t,” Nuzzi said. “I just think it was kind of a random thing.”

For now, the fires have scared Marie Nuzzi enough she won’t put another flag up at her home.

“It’s not worth it for me to put my family through it,” Nuzzi said.

Overnight fires set at homes with American flags on display.

“There’s just no respect there,” Nuzzi said.

In Citrus Heights it’s a stars and stripes serial arson investigation.

Source: CBS


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