Army Seminar Warns Soldiers about the Dangers of ‘White Privilege’

Army Seminar Warns Soldiers about the Dangers of ‘White Privilege’

Political correctness is a disease that strikes most of us as simply silly and boorish. Various groups and classes of people are encouraged by academics and government fools to conjure up slights, imagined and real, that wound them sufficiently to demand change. It is irritating and bizarre since it often requires creating and inventing new ways to say and do things that make no sense whatever.

One example is the demand that we do not address someone as he or she, but zhe or ze because gender is now somehow politically incorrect. That is just weird. First because zhe is a made up word, and the politically correct mavens can’t even decide what the new non-gender word is or should be, so there are half a dozen variants. And second because the idea that gender is somehow “fluid” which is incredibly preposterous, with the politically correct saying that gender is really only determined after we “decide” which gender we are.

Now the politically correct folks have now gone well beyond weird and have decided that the best way to foment the grievance and victim business is to humble and diminish a majority of the citizens of the United States by claiming vast and endemic discrimination because of “white privilege.” This suggests that whatever achievement or position caucasian Americans have obtained is purely through discriminatory practices and benefits unfairly bestowed by society which rewards people simply because of their skin color. It is the height of discrimination and racism, and it is being proposed and taught even in some venues where it should be absolutely prohibited.

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