Army Manpower Levels Hit Lowest Point Since Pre-World War II Era

If you’re wondering why the Army would be purposely reducing it’s manpower, consider who the generals answer to. Make no mistake about it, this is a part of a coordinated attempt by the Obama administration to neutralize the military, as the Washington Times shows:

“The latest official demographics from the Defense Manpower Data Center shows that in addition to the 479,172 soldiers who were on active duty April 1, the Army’s reserve forces totaled 548,024 soldiers, for a total force of 1,027,196 soldiers.

The drawdown master plan calls for a Total Army of 980,000 soldiers on Sept. 30, 2018.

DMDC statistics show that 348,463 soldiers were in service with the Army National Guard on April 1, and 199,561 with the Army Reserve.

The active component total for the end of March  includes 4,321 West Point cadets, which is 32 fewer than in February and 45 fewer than in January.

The number of women serving on active duty April 1 stood at 69,171, a total that includes 15,654 officers, 52,698 enlisted soldiers and 819 West Point cadets.

The female population of the Regular Army was reduced by 340 members in March.”

Source: Army Times



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