Army Captain To Receive Medal of Honor For Tackling Suicide Bomber

While walking down the street in the Kunar province Afghanistan on a security detail, Groberg and his men were targeted by two suicide bombers.  He boldly chose to push one bomber as hard as he could, to get him as far away from his men as possible.  The bomber, who had already pushed a dead man's trigger, landed on the ground chest first and detonated the bomb.

Groberg, who served in the 4th Infantry Division, took the bomber to the ground, which minimized the damage from the explosive device. While four people still died, Groberg’s actions substantially limited the casualty count.

When the first suicide bomber was taken out, a second suicide bomber prematurely detonated his explosive device, thus also limiting the effectiveness. Groberg, who was informed Sept. 21 that he would be receiving the honor, survived the event after sustaining substantial wounds.

He remember's waking up to great physical injury and finding out that four other men, who bravely stood up to these men, died while heroically doing their duty to defeat the enemy and saving many lives.

Groberg will be award the Medal of Honor in November, but he himself says that it goes to his brothers who gave it all and their families left behind.


Source: The Daily Caller



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