Armed Milwaukee Man Killed by Police Had a Serious Rap Sheet

The Milwaukee Police officers were in deep fear for their lives when Sylville K. Smith, 23, ran from police after a traffic stop, carrying a semi-automatic with him.  Smith was a career criminal, the “subject of a witness intimidation case” and had a lengthy police record.

Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett told the press on Sunday that Smith “without question” was armed with a gun in his hand when he was confronted and had more “firepower than the officer”.

“Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn said the incident lasted only seconds. He assured residents that the officers were in fear of their lives during the incident as the armed man refused to obey orders to drop his gun.”  This news was not enough to keep rioters from capitalizing on another death of a man who defied police and ended up dead.

Indeed Smith has a record of handling firearms. At least one social media image of Smith shows him pointing a handgun with an extended magazine at the camera while another shows him holding a rifle. And last year the suspect was brought in on charges in connection with a shooting, but the charges were dismissed.

Smith also has a list of other charges mostly non-violent misdemeanors. Charges include speeding, retail theft and possession of drugs, the New York Daily News reported.

Crowds of rioters took to destroying their home town, because nothing says justice than bringing to ruin the businesses that supply one's gas and groceries.

The police-involved shooting sparked two nights of rioting that ended with the destruction of several cars and businesses on the city’s North side.

Saturday and was a night of intimidation of bystanders, as well. Rioters were heard yelling “black power” as a gas station burned. They were also heard yelling to each other to attack white people who happened to be in the area.

The hate is real and the White House has encouraged the reverse racism and cop-hate, making blacks the victims and allowing riots as a form a freedom of speech.

Source: Breitbart



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