Architect Calls for Churches to be Destroyed, Replaced with Mosques to “actively integrate” Migrants

Joaquim Reinig, the “prominent” architect believes that building mosques will send a message to migrants that they're welcome to build a life in Germany. He believes that mosques are a sign of integration. I'm sure that's what Europeans thought when Ottomans began their conquest hundreds of years ago, back when new mosques usually meant that somebody got conquered.

“The desire to become a German citizen and the activation of their faith ran parallel,” he told the co-operative owned, left-wing newspaper.  This comes after a report this month revealed that half of Turks in Germany regard Islamic law supreme over German laws and that young people are the most devout.

In the interview, Mr. Reinig noted that a 2013 report he had co-written stated an “urgent need” for mosques in the region. He said that, responding to this, Green politician Stefanie Berg called for “a mosque in every neighbourhood”.

Mr. Reinig said he and the Hamburg Senate observed 42 mosques in the region. They looked at the languages in which they preach, documented the mosques’ sizes and learned about the “community work” they engage in.

He said the Hamburg Senate worked closely with the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which German ministers have criticised for being controlled by the Turkish government.

His thinking is so backwards that he believes that Jews, Christians and Muslims are all members of Abrahamic religions are basically brothers. Apparently he doesn't pay much attention to history.





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