Archbishop Tobin: Trump Appeals to ‘Dark Side of Americans’

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, the weightlifting and skull-and-crossbones do-rag-wearing vicar, recently decided that he could no longer keep his mouth shut about his loathing for the American people who voted for Donald Trump.  Our president has never really had a lot to do with Cardinal Tobin, but that has not stopped the priest from tossing accusations out about how much he detests Trump and his way of governing.

At the heart of the dispute is not so much what Trump has been doing recently, but tracks back years to a time when the cardinal was residing in Indiana and leading the Archdiocese there under then-Governor Mike Pence.  In dispute was the fact that Governor Pence had halted the refugee resettlement program enforced by the Obama administration and blocked Syrians families from entering the state.  Cardinal Tobin decided that he believed Pence’s actions to be both “illegal and immoral” and opted to speak with the governor.  After the meeting, Tobin went ahead with the action of shielding the Syrian refugees from the government and thwarting the will of the state.

The whole reason that Tobin had been in Indiana in the first place was that he had actually been “exiled” there as punishment by the Conservative members of the church due to his Liberal leanings and defending the nunnery that was under investigation by the Catholic Church for its independent spirit.  What originally had been an investigation into 50K+ American nuns who were increasingly not wearing religious garb, living independently from the convents, and were expressing opinions that were both political and activist in nature, it was deemed that these nuns needed to be reined in and examined by a panel to determine if they should be ordered back to the traditional convents for re-definition of their roles.  Tobin was put in charge of this investigation, but clearly did not want the job.  His Liberal leanings convinced him that the nuns were doing the right thing.  Due to this opinion, his five-year investigation gig was cut short in year two and he was sent to Indiana.

Skip ahead in time, 2005 to be exact, Tobin had met with then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires (who would go on to become Pope Francis) and they struck up a friendship.  Their vision of the church coincided and they believed in a more Liberal Catholic Church where immigration and inclusion would be the focus.  Bergoglio was also very impressed with Tobin have defied the Conservative branch of the Church and told him so.  Once Tobin was elevated to Cardinal, he became one of 120 men in the world who would vote for the next Pope.  And, not shockingly, his vote was for Francis.

So, as is evident, Tobin has no love lost for Conservatives and has no patience for Trump.

The Catholic Archbishop of Newark slammed U.S. President Donald Trump Tuesday, painting him as a fear-monger who appeals to the “dark side of Americans.”

In an interview with the French Catholic newspaper, La Croix, Cardinal Joseph Tobin said that the current climate of insecurity “has caused an exaggerated patriotism in the United States,” suggesting that Trump plays on Americans’ fears and desires to see America “great again.”

“I think President Trump appeals to the dark side of Americans,” Tobin said. “He speaks to fears, to insecurities.”

Catholics were undoubtedly swayed, at least in part, by the vocal support of various bishops who openly declared that the platform of the democratic party was unacceptable, especially because of its hardline pro-abortion position.

“Catholics in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion,” wrote the Archbishop of Denver, Samuel Aquila, in his diocesan newspaper.

Nonetheless, in his interview, Tobin suggested that these bishops should rethink their position, because Trump is not to be trusted.

“Donald Trump is a businessman. He says he’s always looking to close a deal,” the Cardinal said. “The bishops must beware of him, because he tells them that he will be against abortion, that he won’t force them to pay for contraception, and in return, he asks for silence concerning his disrespectful remarks toward others or on the deportation of migrants. It’s dangerous.”

“We, American Catholics, are a Church of migrants. We have always pleaded their cause,” he said.

Again, the fact that Tobin dislikes Trump really goes back way beyond his recent election.  The Progressivism in his thought-process is really what is driving his opinions of Americans who voted with the safety of their families in mind.  To blame the everyday American for fearing for their safety when the brutality of MS-13 members in New York City and California is clear and present is ludicrous.  To say that Americans have a “dark side” because they prefer the teachings of Christ rather than the crazy doctrine that kills thousands of Jews, Christians and others every year through cowardly acts of destruction and terror is shortsighted and ignorant.  To think that Americans who don’t agree with a free-style approach to Catholicism and Christianity and abhor infanticide in the general populace are backward-thinking is insulting.  And to proffer that the American people are knuckle-dragging Dark Age throwbacks because they refuse to compromise their Biblical teachings and reject homosexuality because they deem it a sin is moronic and intellectually dishonest.

In December of last year, right after the election results overwhelmed the Liberal community, the New York Times (in an obviously sycophantic piece on Tobin and the Catholic Church of Liberalism) published a story that told you everything you needed to know about the kid who grew up in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Detroit.

On the threats by President-elect Trump to carry out mass deportations of illegal immigrants, for example, Cardinal Tobin was clear. He recalled how Pope John XXIII, before he became pope, issued false baptismal certificates to help Jews escape the Nazis in World War II.

“We have to resist,” he said. “With public statements, and then, you do what you got to do.”

And there is the truth.  Resistance.  Yet another call to defy the will of the American people and rise up in anger and loathing, to ensure that a free-and-fair election means nothing and all that matters is Progressivism for progress’ sake.  I believe it’s well past time to admit, Cardinal Tobin, that Liberals are not the majority in your Church and that you are not the spokesperson for millions and millions of Americans who are traditionalists, Conservatives, and good Christians.

Very possibly, it’s time for you to do some true soul-searching and praying.  That’s what all of us do when we require guidance.  And with the tone of your language recently, it’s high time you gained some wisdom from such guidance.

Source:  Breitbart / New York Times 1 & 2

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