Archaeologists ‘Uncover Ancient City of King David’

Archaeologists ‘Uncover Ancient City of King David’

Historians believe they have discovered a building belonging to the settlement linked to the Biblical King David. Experts say that the lost city that appeared in the Bible and is linked to the king has been found about 30 miles from Jerusalem.

“Welcome to the City of David,” says Anarina Heymann, outreach coordinator for the City of David. “It's the home to the ancient biblical Jerusalem and up until 150 years ago, everybody thought that the ancient biblical Jerusalem lies within the confines of the Old City right behind you in the wall – within the walls there. So the question is what happened 150 years ago and where is the ancient biblical Jerusalem?”

Professor Avraham Faust is co-head of the archaeological dig and says that he believes this latest discovery provides further evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible. Faust says the latest discovery is “part of the events in the Bible ascribed to the Kingdom of David”.

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