Archaeologists Find King Hezekiah’s Seal, Proves Ancient Jerusalem Was a Major Judahite Capital

Seal Affirms Bible Reality

The newly discovered circular piece of clay is a seal of King Hezekiah, and it is a solid refutation that Jews were not the principal occupants of Jerusalem well before the Arabs who established their claims around 700 AD.

“This is the first time that a seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king has ever come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation,” Mazar said.

The clay imprint, known as a bulla, was found at a dig at the foot of the southern part of the wall that surrounds Jerusalem's Old City, an area rich in relics from the period of the first of two ancient Jewish temples.

It had been buried in a refuse dump dated to the time of Hezekiah and was probably tossed from an adjacent royal building, Mazar said. It contains ancient Hebrew script and the symbol of a two-winged sun.

The bulla was initially cataloged and put in a closet, along with 33 others, after a first inspection that failed to establish its true identity.

Only five years later, when a team member scrutinized it under a magnifying glass and discerned dots in between some of the letters, did the meaning become clear.

The dots help separate the words: “Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah.”

The piece is clear evidence of the veracity of the Bible, and the primacy of the Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem at least 1,400 years before before Middle Eastern marauders laid claim to the area. It also refutes the criticism that the Bible cannot be used for the study of history. However, neither claim is likely to sway these two groups since they are agenda driven and not likely to consider any story but their own.



A projected image of a clay imprint, known as a bulla, which was unearthed from excavations near Jerusalem's Old City, and later discovered to be from the seal of the biblical King Hezekiah, is displayed during a news conference at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.





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