AOC Admits the Truth: Impeaching Trump is About Saving the Democratic Party

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be called many things, but self-filtering is not one of them. One of the true tests of any new civil servant elected to office in the United States capital is standing out amongst all the hundreds of other hopefuls who have similarly been elected. AOC has absolutely no problem in that realm.

Today, she decided to unload on the Republicans about the necessity of the impeachment inquiry. She was really not listening to the upper echelon of lawmakers in the Democratic Party who were insisting that she just shut up and not talk about impeachment, because they were afraid that the Congresswoman might slip up and say something “unfiltered.” True to form, she did.

The Daily Caller

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday that impeaching President Donald Trump should be a used as mechanism to unify the fractious Democratic Party and thereby “preventing a potentially disastrous outcome” in the 2020 elections.
Ocasio-Cortez wants House Democrats to “move quite quickly,” she told CNN. “We’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections. This is not just about something that has occurred, about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome next year.”

The congresswoman was asked if the Democrats should not incorporate more charges against Trump into the impeachment process. “You supported impeachment since before you were elected to Congress, you made the case the president could be impeached for profiting off the presidency, for his conduct in the Russia investigation. What message, congresswoman, will it send if Democrats don’t incorporate, for example, those issues into the upcoming articles of impeachment?”

“I think many of those considerations will be taken up by the Judiciary Committee when all of this evidence is brought forth. We’ll see … At the end of the day we have to be able come together as a caucus. It is this Ukrainian allegation, is what brings the caucus together, I think we have to run with however we unify the House,” Ocasio-Cortez told CNN.

Far be it from me to tell the Congresswoman to be quiet. I think she’s doing a wonderful job…getting Donald Trump reelected. So, keep up the great work, AOC!

Source:  The Daily Caller

Image: Matt Johnson


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