Antifa Thugs Stab Vermont Man For Sticking Up For Friend Who Attended Charlottesville Rally

Sam Wormer seems like an average guy, not leaning one way or the other politically, who found himself involved in a deadly situation for just trying to do the right thing.

What he failed to understand is that if what he considers “the right thing” is not what hard-core leftists think is “the right thing,” then he could wind up dead.

It all started when an old friend and classmate of his, Ryan Roy, 28, was identified in a Vice News episode as an attendee at the Charlottesville rally. Almost immediately, the “tolerant” left in Burlington began a social media campaign that got Roy fired from his job at Pizzeria Uno.

To make matters worse, the lefty vigilantes then contacted the Vermont Department for Children and Families to try to have Roy’s child taken away from him. How totally Soviet of them.

Ryan Roy, 28, appeared in the Vice News episode on the events over the weekend in Charlottesville. He was promptly doxed on Twitter and a social media campaign made sure that he was fired from his job at Pizzeria Uno. Additionally, the internet mob called child protective services in an effort to have his young baby removed from his care.

That’s how they roll in the People’s Republic of Burlington, where Bernie Sanders lives and once was mayor.

Wormer remembers Roy as being “very progressive,” and was surprised to see him associated with the alt-right rally. But he also recalled Roy as someone who would stand up for people being bullied. He spoke up because he believed the campaign against Roy was simply wrong.

Taking away somebody’s job and livelihood — I mean, that’s just adding fuel to the fire,” Wormer said. “I don’t think any good is going to come of this on anybody’s side.”

Seems reasonable enough. But after commenting on social media, he began getting threats Monday night, even though he made it clear he didn’t share Roy’s views. His common sense obviously didn’t appeal to the thugs who showed up Tuesday night outside Wormer’s door. He arrived home to find five masked assailants waiting for him.

As they called him a “Nazi” and “fascist,” they attacked him with boxcutters, leaving a severe gash in his back. As he noted, if the blade had gone any deeper, he would have died.

Unable to identify his attackers, Wormer didn’t call police or even go to the hospital. He simply treated his wounds as best he could because he didn’t want to incur any expensive hospital bills.

On his Facebook page, he asked friends to help him find the attackers. Instead he got more criticism for his defense of Roy. He might want to reconsider who he “friends” on Facebook.

All I did was say the truth as far as I knew it and an attempt upon my life was made.  That’s screwed up.”

Wormer finally got around to filing a police report yesterday. About all he could tell police was that the attackers were driving a “dark sedan.”

What’s absolutely incredible is that Wormer’s assailants are the very people that Democrat politicians, the fake news media and gutless Republican weasels like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham refuse to criticize or call out for public shaming.

Meanwhile, well-intentioned citizens like Sam Wormer, who speak up with common sense and try to reduce tensions, run the risk of dying at the hands of an uncontrolled mob.

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Source: Big League Politics



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