Antifa Creates Comical “Range Day” Intimidation Video in Response to Critics

There's a new sheriff's deputy's nephew in town and he's ready to turn the entire protesting world on its head.

The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club is the newest incarnation of wannabe protesters who are taking a rather strange approach to making Trump supporters feel uneasy.  These “gun club” members have recently been seen in several open-carry events, carrying what appear to be LARPing weapons (Live-Action Role Playing is a movement which has been around since the late 1980s where Dungeons & Dragons geeks like me go out with fake foam rubber swords and maces in full costume and adventure in the nearby parks and woods).

The PJBGC can therefore be described as a bunch of traditionally-trained Leftist geeks who have hung up their daggers, flails, and wizard's robes to take up their commando regalia and Hasbro assault weapons.

In a recent video that was posted at their YouTube page, the six and a half members are shown at a “firing range” in the desert shooting their weapons at targets that are literally twenty feet away.  Unless you're not looking for a genuine belly laugh, you can simply avoid watching it.  If you're a gun enthusiast or a military veteran and you want a feel-good sitcom to watch, take a gander at this video.

Here's some words of explanation from Free Market Shooter contributor Duane:

The shooting “range” in question during this video appears to be a spot in the desert.  The “range” is littered with trash, as it appears PJBGC doesn’t bother to pick up after themselves.  With a maximum distance of about 50 meters, most shooting takes place at what appears to be about 50 feet, if that… including the rifle “shootout” segments of the video.

Bear in mind, the US Army Field Manual on marksmanship indicates that the weapon is zeroed (sighted) at 25 meters, with qualified training taking place at 50 meters or further, and a maximum scored distance of 300 meters.  Then again, even at the shorter distances, PJBGC doesn’t even seem particularly concerned with zeroing their weapons at all.

This is evident in their “shootout” starting at 2:09.  I counted a number of shots completely missing the targets, at a distance that was no greater than 25 meters, most likely much closer than that.

Bear in mind what the US Army Manual states on 25-meter “zeroing”:

After completing Phases I and II, the Soldier conducts a firing event (Table 7-29) to zero or confirm the zero on his weapon and reinforce the fundamentals of marksmanship. This firing event will be conducted on a 25-meter range. If the Soldier cannot zero within 18 rounds, the trainer recommends retraining, retesting, or possible removal from the course. After the weapon is zeroed, any additional rounds will be fired and the coach will observe the Soldier for deficiencies in his marksmanship fundamentals.

But don’t worry, certainly the PJBGC has other marksmanship qualifiers outside of the US Army Manual, right?

Take a closer look at two of the people who participated in said “shootout”:

Duane is clearly an avid weapons enthusiast and participates regularly in these shooting range events.  The article is an interesting exploration of this fake gun club whose members appear almost infantile in their understanding of what real guns even look like.  Earlier in the piece, Duane takes a hard look at photos of the group (probably copied from their website) that show the group looking somewhat perturbed (or suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome) standing on a roadside at one of these legitimate open carry events attempting to intimidate the actual REAL gun carriers!

The weapons (nearly all of them) are plastic toys and he proves that by pointing out all the incorrect structural parts of the weapons.  Later in the article, he confirms this by taking apart the video which shows none of the fake weapons at the fake range used by the fake group.

The PJBGC is actually nothing more than a bunch of neophyte gun borrowers who are attempting (in their own minds) to bully the real gun owners into believing that, “if the sh*t goes down,” they will be ready to rock'n'roll.

Here's Duane again:

If this is indeed a real rifle, it is almost certainly not owned by the woman who toted it at the open carry “counter protest”, even if the owner let her fire off a few rounds for appearance’s sake.

In fact, with the exception of the aforementioned SKS, and the scoped AR with the low-profile stock, none of the other weapons pictured at the “counter protest” appear anywhere in the “Range Day” video.  While there are clearly many real rifles sprinkled into the group, three out of four of the “fake ones” in the second photo of the “counter protest” have all but confirmed to be fake after all, including the one carried in March by Mr. Bayonet Charge…

…who is the aforementioned “white shirt” guy who toted a fake gun at March’s “counter protest”, this time executing a “bayonet charge” on a thoroughly shot-up “Pepe the Frog” target with the SKS he is seen shooting earlier… of course, with supervision:

Still, it was clearly far too easy to expose the inexperience and overall lack of firearms proficiency this “gun club” chooses to assign to itself, all while shooting a video intended to intimidate its adversaries.  These are clearly beginners, with a glaring lack of general marksmanship skills, masquerading as a trained combat-ready group, openly carrying firearms in an attempt to show pro-Trump supporters just how tough they are… or in this case, aren’t.

Take note, PJBGC… real “gun guys” are not fooled.  It is rather easy to see how capable (or incapable) you are with a firearm after watching your “intimidation video”.  You can strap up and act tough, but you better be careful if you plan on making yourself a target… when the bullets start flying, that firearm you’re toting isn’t going to do you much good (beyond putting a big bulls-eye on your back) if you can’t fire it accurately.  Of course, that all assumes the gun is even real in the first place, and not one of the fake ones exposed being carried in March.

antifa fake gun club

When the dust settles and the Alinsky-ites of PJBGC get bored with their “weapons of destruction” (or run out of their allowance money and can't afford the ammo) they will fade away into the depths of their protest headquarters to lecture the new recruits of paid protesters about how they intimidated open carry Trump lovers!

Can't wait for that video.

Source:  Free Market Shooter



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