Anti-Trump Protestors Call for Violence, “Passive resistance … has no effect on heartless racists.”

The flyer passed out before the event was about as contradicting as it gets, and demonstrated a clear lack of knowledge of anything it was addressing.

We fully support your right to self-defense, we do not expect you to take a beating by Trump goons in order to “look good.” Your safety is important, protect yourself. Fascism wants us to peacefully resist while it steamrolls us. We take our inspiration from the workers of Spain who rose up by the millions to fight fascism when it came to their country. Passive resistance works in certain situations, but it has no impact on heartless racists. #FUCKTRUMPRVA

The ACLU of Virginia said it would plant “observers” to make sure that free speech rights are observed, but did not seem to want to preserve the free-speech and assembly rights of Americans who support Trump. “If police go too far in trying to preempt any disruption by protesters, they run the risk of infringing on their free-speech rights,” said a public policy associate.

Democrats and establishment Republicans have continually labeled Trump as racist, sexist and Islamaphobic. They've even gone as far as comparing him to Hitler and Mussolini, whose beliefs ironically happen to be more in line with liberalism than anything else. Clinton supporters have even hinted that it would be “morally justifiable to assassinate” Trump. This is what politics have become.


anti trump flyer




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