Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance, Patient Dies

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance, Patient Dies

Immediately after Donald Trump won the election, an army of liberal rioters overtook the nation's cities. Now, they've caused their first death.

And for what? It's not as if they're accomplishing anything by protesting a democratic election. Sure, they claim that Clinton won the popular vote, but that's about as relevant as the fact that the sky is blue. It's not relevant at all. Trump won the electoral college, and that's all that matters. Still, they seem to think that blocking roads in major cities is a way to persuade oppositional minds.

Maybe if they had jobs they would know how much of a nuisance they're being. Not only are they not letting people get to work on time, they're preventing some from performing their jobs at all.

Some essential roles require the roads to function, and when those roads are blocked by groups sore losers, people die.

And that's exactly what happened. Read the report on the next page:

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