Anti-Trump Communists Rally for More Dead Cops

Many rioters protesting Trump's election have moved on from the president-elect and begun attacking their perennial foe, the police.

Anti-Trump communist protesters in Austin were caught on camera chanting in favor of cop killings despite a nationwide spate of police officers being murdered.

With some of them dressed in hammer and sickle face masks, the agitators shouted “FTP! F**k the police” as they marched down the sidewalk, while others stuck middle fingers up at cops in nearby vehicles.

“What’s better than 1 dead cop? Two dead cops!” the communists chanted, making it all the way up to 15 with the words, “What’s better than 14 dead cops? Fifteen dead cops!”

As we have previously documented, communist groups in Austin are particularly vile, with one such outfit, the Red Guards, having previously been caught on camera attacking a pro-life protest while announcing their love for Satan and killing babies.

These groups have popped up across the country with stunning regularity in the past several weeks. Luckily, its hard to imagine that their inflammatory chants have gained them much favor with the American public. See videos below in which protestors call for “fifteen dead cops” in Austin and a similar protest in New York City.

Source: Info Wars



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