Anti-2nd Amendment Groups Push for “West Coast Wall” of Gun Control

It may be easy for some to dismiss fears that these proposals – being as absurd as they are – will be enacted, but the example of California to the south shows that such concerns are absolutely recommended.

In fact, both Washington CeaseFire and Ceasefire Oregon see the Sunshine State as a model to follow:

“But right now, the groups are looking closely at neighboring California for a blueprint for banning firearm magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds and so-called ‘assault weapons’ and the ‘bullet buttons’ California politicians claim circumvent the bans.

The groups’ leaders say California’s example and mainstream media’s current anti-gun attitudes make it an opportune moment to make the entire West Coast a 2nd Amendment abuse zone.

And by far, their biggest goal is expanding bans on so-called ‘assault weapons.’

‘We’re not under any illusion that the assault-weapons ban is going to solve all of our problems,’ Ralph Fascitelli, board president of Washington CeaseFire, told Seattle Times, ‘but it is low-hanging fruit, the kind of action that has the greatest chance of succeeding.’”

Source: Personal Liberty



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