Another Piece of American History to be Erased From Memory…ISIS Style

If we're ever going to be honest about racism, we need to begin ending the scandal hustling industry that resides on the Left where they find racism in just about everything (English language, SATs, education, military, music, workplace, Academy Awards, protests, elections, etc., ad nauseam).

The scandal-hustlers in the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) have been practicing deceit for so long without a trust issue in the public that it's extremely difficult for them to take a loss.  But not just an everyday loss.  This is a loss so massive that there's no precedent before it from which they can draw wisdom or conclusions.  This is virgin territory for the FNIC.  To be trusted so little as to become virtually irrelevant is a concept that was never envisioned by the mainstream media, going back all the way to the 1950s when Regressives seriously began to work in the back rooms and behind the equipment to learn the ropes, move up in the ranks, and eventually own the industry.

Gone are the days of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite where Leftists said whatever they wanted and it was FULLY BOUGHT, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  The slow rot of American journalism and degeneration into poll-driven opinion and identity politics for expedience is the exact reason why we exist in this world of umbrage and indignance.

Take the newest outrage on the Left.  The story of the Confederate monuments and how they are extremely up-in-arms about the fact that these monuments exist, and have existed for over a hundred years, but are now suddenly so intolerable as to warrant violent counter-protests against people who are of a differing opinion in regards to the existence of such statuary.  They've even rendered convenient excuses now for Leftist mayors and governors to begin the complete dismantling of American history so that our children “can never feel unsafe or worried.”

The mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, is taking action to remove two Confederate-era monuments from his city's former courthouse after the deadly clashes in Virginia.

Mayor Jim Gray revealed his intention Saturday after the attack in Charlottesville. He said he planned to announce it this week, but the incident prompted him to declare his intentions earlier.

Violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters left three people dead in Charlottesville, including a woman killed when a driver plowed into a group of counterprotesters. Dozens more were injured.

In a series of tweets, Gray said that he will ask the the city council to support his petition for removal of the monuments to the Kentucky Military Heritage Commission on Tuesday.

The statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge are on the grounds of Lexington's former courthouse, which is set to become a visitor's center.

John Hunt Morgan served in the Mexican-American war, and fought for the Confederacy until his death in 1864. John C Breckinridge, who was the 14th Vice President of the US, owned slaves.

In a tweet, Lexington's mayor said “we cannot let them define our future.”

The “Unite the Right” rally that sparked violent clashes Saturday was originally called to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

So even the Vice Presidents of the United States who did something that is now known to be morally reprehensible must be erased from history. The valuable lessons about the wrongs we committed in the past are now to be removed from our history books in order to save the sentiments of those who do not believe in free speech.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that free speech meant expressing an opinion without having bricks thrown at you or baseball bats being cracked over your skull.  Am I wrong?  Once upon a time, Leftists (supposedly) stood for free speech.  Now, they've done a complete one-eighty on that mentality and support the total blackout of any opinion…including their own.  It's gotten to the point where even Liberal professors in the colleges across the nation are being told to sit down and shut up because of their intolerance.

I can't say that I feel badly for these professors and instructors.  After all, this has been what they've been teaching for decades.  Now, the academic terrorism has come knocking on their own doors and there's no way to slow down that runaway train.  To hear the students of today explain what a free society is sounds frighteningly close to the “free society” of an Orwellian nightmare.

The slow erasure of our objectionable history will necessarily lead to the eradication of our exceptional history. Mark my words. The ancient leaders of nations and empires often times conquered a people and then set about “erasing” their existence by killing them, removing their culture, their literature, their clothing, their religion, and YES, THEIR STATUES. What the Left is doing today with our American history is what ISIS was doing on a couple of years ago with the Buddhists and Sikhs and Kurds.

It's about time that we stand up for what is right and not politically expedient. George Washington owned slaves, but because he inherited them through his marriage to Martha, and she through her marriage to her deceased ex-husband, he is somewhat relieved of the guilt by modern society, especially in view of the fact that he released all of them when he returned home from the Revolutionary War.

There will be a time soon, however, if we continue to coddle this mentality of safety and buffering from egregious opinions, when even someone like Washington, who turned the culture of his day upside-down by ending slave service in his house and on his properties, will be spit upon and mobs will descend on Mount Vernon to burn it to the ground.

It's coming and the only people who can stop this Devil's work now are the people who started it.  If not, then might I suggest the next “target” in the fight against racism?  How about the alteration of the Robert Byrd Medical Center in West Virginia?

Source: CNN



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