Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead, Hanging from a Noose

What do Clinton critics and holistic doctors have in common? Both can’t seem to stop spontaneously committing suicide in large numbers.

We all know big pharmaceutical companies are big money businesses. But, going even deeper is the proven government track record of poisoning its citizens. Fluoride is a toxic bio-hazardous waste that is NOT PROVEN to help dental decay. But, we all drink the poison. Most of us have stopped fighting against the blatant tyranny destroying our minds and bodies. This has to stop.

Famed author, naturopath, and OUTSPOKEN critic of vaccines, and modern medicine, Ann Boroch was found dead hanging from a noose in her garage two weeks ago.

An odd chain of events started to unfold with her family releasing conflicting tight-lipped statements and ended with the official autopsy released yesterday by the medical examiner – which raises even more questions, all on the next page

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