Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead, Over 60 in a Year’s Time

Okay, people die.  So what’s the big deal?  Nothing, unless there is evidence of foul play, or it is found that one group of individuals are dying at a statistically greater frequency than the rest of the population.  Holistic doctors fall into the latter category, and thus those deaths demand investigation.

Adding to a list of 60+ doctors practicing holistic medicine who have died in just over a hear is Dr. Laura Skellchock.

Dr Laura Skellchock, a holistic MD based right here on the East Coast of Florida, has died.

We know very little details at this time. Her site was called Integrative Dermatology and she has done a number of videos and articles about integrative practices, natural health, and nutrition. Like most of the self-described integrative or holistic MDs who died, Dr. Skellchock also did procedures that were not 100% holistic, as some were of a cosmetic nature.

Adding to the unanswered questions is this update to this story.

Update: We also received word from a reliable source stating the following: “Dr Skellchock was working as a professional witness concerning laser damage. I have a couple friends who were recommended to her from a lawyer in Miami whose wife won a lawsuit against Fraxel with (name omitted)”. (End of quote from source) We’ll let you know if this holds out to be true or not.

There are clearly enormous, almost unfathomable, sums of money involved in the the currently accepted methods of practicing medicine, especially when you consider pharmaceuticals.  The work these holistic doctors often do offer alternatives.  Just something to think about.

Source:  Health Nut News




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