Annie, Get You Double-Barrelled AR-15

Gilboa needed a “show stopper” for a military trade show and came up with this unique double-barrel design.  The rifle will  now be going into full production and available soon in the United States.

Because Gilboa is “re-designing the rifle to have two individual triggers instead of the single trigger setup currently being used” it appears to have gotten around the legal definition of a machine gun.  The TFB explains:

  • Machine guns are not illegal, but it is illegal to make and register new ones on a form 1 (as you would do for an SBR)
  • There is no way around the May 19th, 1986 date. if the machine gun in question was made after that date, you may not own it (unless you are a dealer)

Gilboa's design makes for an interesting rifle!

In the meantime, imagine this: running a 3-gun stage with this double-barreled AR-15, Arsenal’s double-barreled 1911, and a side by side coach gun. Wouldn’t that be a thing?


Source: Red Rock Tribune 





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