The Amount Of Americans Killed Everyday By Illegals Everyday is Straining Law Enforcement

If 25 American lives, on average, die each day at the hands of illegal aliens, then where is the media coverage to highlight the brokenness of the system? Why is the media not doing their job and drawing attention to exactly who has tied the hands of law enforcement?

Many law enforcement officers and leaders, including those dealing with southern border patrol and protection issues, are feeling the strain of federal government policies and White House strategies.

The White House is complicit in the lives lost due to these criminal aliens.  They have rendered the boarder patrol near ineffective due to its policy.

Under Barack Obama, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) commonly releases illegal border-crossers after the states relinquish control over them. The issue is so bad, the State of Texas, overwhelmed with the crime associated with unlawful activity, has rotated the Department of Public Safety state troopers and their Parks and Wildlife game wardens on and off the border. The burden on resources has forced an additional budget of $800 million dedicated to protect Texas’ border and to hire 250 new state troopers for permanent assignment along the border.

These numbers are staggering and yet, our President and the media who backs his every move, has not brought this tragedy to the ears of the public, as it is not politically correct.

Source: Examiner


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