Americans honor Chris Cox for mowing, maintenance during shutdown

Americans honor Chris Cox for mowing, maintenance during shutdown

On Wednesday Chris Cox was back at the Lincoln Memorial to receive a chainsaw donated to recognize his illegal but widely publicized volunteer maintenance work during the shutdown in October. Chainsaw manufacturer, STIHL, provided a chainsaw and raised $1,701 from donors across America to honor Cox, a woodcutting artist in South Carolina.

He became a national phenomenon last month as pictures of the man mowing the lawn and cleaning the National Mall before the Million Vet March flooded Twitter.

“I didn’t do this for the money or for any recognition,” Cox said. “If your granddaddy’s grass needed cutting, you would go out and help him, wouldn’t you?”

Cox’s award will go toward paying parking tickets and equipment costs incurred during his selfless work during the shutdown.

All future donations will help feed homeless veterans in D.C.

“I thought, this is the perfect opportunity for us to do something for someone who’s doing something inspiring,” said [] founder Kendall Almerico.

“The chainsaw and money will be used to help disabled vets,” Cox added. “I want to build a team of people around the country to help veterans like those who can’t fix their garbage disposal, or cut their lawn.”

Over 1800 people joined the “memorial militia,” which was a one-man show only a month ago.

America needs more men like Chris Cox.

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Source: The DailyCaller

Photo: Katie Howland



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