‘American Sniper’ Widow Takes on Obama at Town Hall: ‘We Cannot Outlaw Murder’

Interchange With Obama at Town Hall Meeting

In the video, Taya Kyle reminds Obama that gun violence and related deaths are actually significantly down in the last twenty years, but Obama suggests that the decrease is in cities or states where there are strict gun laws. In fact that is not true. Author and former Harvard professor John Lott has shown in his book “More Guns, Less Violence” that areas with higher gun ownership are the places that violence is down. Later in the video Obama claims that there is a high incidence of online purchases by violent felons of items like automatic weapons and silencers, all items that are currently against the law, and their use in crime is minuscule. No matter, Obama will not be challenged. And the Liberal press will ignore his lies because his “motivates are pure.”

Taya Kyle made some other excellent points, and it is worth watching the video in its entirety. Some of their interchange follows:

Regarding the mass shootings that have taken place in recent years, [Ms. Kyle] stated, “I don’t know that any of them would have been stopped by a background check.”

Critics of the president’s new executive actions have pointed out that none of the changes the president seeks to implement, including universal background checks, would have prevented any of the mass shootings under Obama’s tenure as president, including those at Sandy Hook, Charleston, Chattanooga, Oregon or San Bernardino.

“So I think part it we have to recognize is we cannot outlaw murder,” Kyle said. “Because the people who are murdering are breaking the law, but they also don’t have the moral code that we have. So they can do the same amount of damage with a pipe bomb. The problem is that they want to murder.”

The president replied, “[W]hat you said about murder rates and violent crime generally is something we don’t celebrate enough. The fact of the matter is that violent crime has been steadily declining across America for a pretty long time. And you wouldn’t always know it from watching television.”

“Now, I challenge the notion that the reason for that is that there is more gun ownership. Because if you look at the where the areas are with the highest gun ownership, those are the places that the crime hasn’t dropped down that much,” Obama said.

Source: westernjournalism.com



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