Amber Rose is Heading to Canada…if They’ll Have Her

Amber Rose is Heading to Canada…if They’ll Have Her

The checklist of requirements for actually moving to Canada, which many leftists promise to do if Trump wins, is fairly extensive.  Our northern neighbor doesn’t let just anyone in.  So Amber Rose, Rosie O’Donnell, and Miley Cyris listen up and learn how to make your vow to leave come true.

First,  of all, one must get a visa to live and thus work in Canada; a work permit to fill the skills shortages  what the Canadian government is looking for in immigrants.  If your skill set fits their list of needed jobs to be filled, then you may be in luck.  However if you are self-employed or an investor, then there is not option.  This will probably eliminate the likes of Amber Rose and Miley Cyris, as they are self-employed, they are in fact their own employer.  They market self.

Over and above their ‘qualifications’ is the question of whether they would even be welcome.

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