Alejandro Villanueva Regrets Standing for National Anthem, Feels ‘Embarrassed’

Steeler tackle, and 3 tour Afghan and Iraq veteran Alejandro Villanueva came-out yesterday with a stunning revelation concerning his taking a stand for the national anthem on Sunday – he is “embarrassed”!

He had planned on standing in the tunnel with his teammates. It was by accident that he ended-up walking out and proceed to stand tall and proud with his hand over his heart for the duration of the anthem instead of dropping to his knees or making a cowardly dash back to the team's “safe place”.

Alejandro Villanueva, the Steelers tackle who famously stood alone on the field for the playing of the national anthem on Sunday while the rest of his team stayed inside the tunnel, has now revealed that he actually intended to remain in the tunnel with his fellow players.

Villanueva said on Monday, “Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally. Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself I feel  embarrassed.”

Villanueva’s explanation for his appearance on the field, is that he had asked to stand in front of the team with the captains. However, he didn’t stop when he got to the front of the tunnel. Instead, he walked out where he ended up in full-view of fans and cameras

Yeah. Okay. Maybe you should be embarrassed – embarrassed that the platform you're using to support your family and raise awareness for veterans (NFL) is attacking you for representing the armed forces with dignity. Is he really “ashamed” about standing?

Because all of Villanueva's teammates sure seemed to indicate they were well aware of Villanueva's stance on respecting the anthem and okay with his position due to his serving 3 tours.

“I don't want to go into that, but we support our guy Al,” (Steelers) defensive end Cam Heyward said. “He feels he had to do it. This guy served our country, and we thank him for it.”

But, no, now that Villanueva is a hero and a patriot, he must be attacked by even the head coach for looking like a patriot!

The coach blasted Villanueva right after claiming in an interview that he was looking for “100 participation”.

NFL executives, owners, and coaches don't give a damn about Colin Kaepernick. He was an annoying pain-in-the-ass who played a lousy game (besides all this free time now gives his Muslim girlfriend Nessa more time to finish converting him anyways).

This phenomenon we're seeing now has absolutely nothing to do with police brutality. It's about hating President Trump for disrupting and exposing the establishment. They hate President Trump. That is why it wasn't until President Trump “triggered” NFL owners and teams that players started pretending to ‘care' about these issues and locking arms like prepubescent girls at an elementary school playground.

And now the army vet, the hero patriot, has to be shamed into apologizing for looking like a patriot and putting the rest of the country to shame or violate his team contract code of conduct. Presumably… A paycheck is a nice thing – especially when it exceeds many thousands of dollars every week.

Villanueva also took a moment to defend his coach, Mike Tomlin, who came under fire for being critical of Villanueva in a post-game press conference. The Ranger and three tour Afghan veteran said, “For anybody who thinks Coach Tomlin is not as patriotic as you can get in America, I’m offended by that.”

“I’ve made coach [Mike] Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and that is my fault only,” Villanueva said Monday. “I’ve made my teammates look bad and that is my fault and my fault only, and I made the Steelers look bad and that is my fault and my fault only.”

They made themselves look bad. Why are you apologizing? But, isn't the answer to that already clear?

Nothing is “your fault” EXPECT your groveling apology for being a man and standing up!

Source: Breitbart ,  Huffington Post



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