Al Gore’s 10-Year Countdown To Global Warming Apocalypse Expires this month

Al Gore’s 10-Year Countdown To Global Warming Apocalypse Expires this month

Global warming hysteria is peaking, evidenced by the hundreds of yammering politicians taking a Paris holiday recently in order to browbeat us into intellectual submission to the cause of saving the planet. That may be a noble effort, but who knew it could be accomplished simply by massive transfers of wealth and transitioning to horrendously inefficient forms of energy use such as unreliable windmills?

This will allow poorer nations, slowly catching up in the economic race, to once again founder and slide back into economic despair for lack of easy, efficient, accessible energy sources. Imagine an array of giant windmills over hundreds of acres in places like Bolivia or Botswana and you can see the improbability of such a proposal.

The warming lobby has been caught lying so often that it is no longer news, nor is it reported. Back in the days when hacked emails from the UK and Michael Mann's infamous hockey stick showed that warmists were gaming the system and fudging the numbers, there was at least some interest by the press in the massive fraud being perpetrated. But the outrage quickly moved to “who hacked the emails of the liars?” and the actual evidence that the citizens of the world were being played soon became irrelevant.

No one is more representative of this fraud than the carnival barker Al Gore, who has gotten very rich by being one of the chief proponents of “the sky is falling” hoax of global warming. He travels the world in private jets, between visits to his giant mansions, demanding that others pay a huge price by buying into his belief that the end is near if we do not heed his clarion call.

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