Aggressive Migrant Attacks Activist

A group of Muslim immigrant men, some covering their faces, allegedly attacked a group of left wing activists and several women. In the video, security tries to calm down the Muslim men over, and over resulting with the need for police intervention.

As the altercation continued to escalate, one of the Muslim men continued to yell vulgar words at the activists, calling him a racist. The backwards comment made by the Muslim man led to a response from the activists, shouting back, what are you going to do? This is our country, go back to Pakistan or something. Security continued to hold off the Muslim man as he aggressively tried to make his way through them to attack the activist who sent him into a frenzy of anger.

As the Muslim man yelled at the security asking why they were defending the activists? The immigrant finally resorted to calling them all racists, to which the activists points out, Were racist? You are the one acting like this is your country, you are racist.

Although it is unknown who started the altercation, the point that the Muslim men are hiding their faces and telling the activists that they will be seeing them around, is clear evidence of who the instigators are, and their plan to cause chaos towards the normal order of things.


Source: Youtube



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