AG Loretta Lynch Examining Ways to Legally Punish Climate Change Skeptics

In what sounds like something straight out of a George Orwell novel, the Independent Journal is reporting that President Obama’s Justice Department is so uncomfortable with an open debate on climate change that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is currently investigating ways to punish groups and individuals that say anything contrary to the liberal agenda on the issue.

President Barack Obama is downright hostile to the free flow of information, open debate, and research contradicting his opinions and the policies he uses to support them.

The most recent evidence for this is testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who seems just as political and beholden to Obama as her predecessor Eric Holder was.

Attorney General Lynch testified that the Department of Justice has discussed pursuing civil action against companies, nonprofits, associations, and scientists who debate whether humans are causing catastrophic climate change, referring the matter to the FBI to determine if it meets the criteria for prosecution, presumably under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, a law passed in 1970 to battle organized crime.

The revelation the Obama administration has asked the FBI to investigate people involved in an ongoing scientific debate because they disagree with the president should shock the sensibilities of all Americans.

Obama closed the book on questions related to the theory of man-caused climate change even before he became president. For him, there is no debate; humans’ use of fossil fuels is creating dangerous warming, and the government must do whatever it can to restrict the consumption of oil, natural gas, and coal to prevent an allegedly impending climate disaster. Strange a lawyer should be so certain about a question of science, but there it is.

It was not Obama or Lynch who first broached the idea of prosecuting climate realists for exercising their free-speech rights; that dishonor falls to U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who in a May 2015 op-ed, published in the Washington Post, argued the fossil fuel industry is collaborating with conservative think tanks to disseminate research contradicting the scientific consensus on man-made climate change in an effort to discredit climate science and attack environmentalists.

It remains unclear whether the Department of Justice actually will go forward with civil action against any individuals or groups that speak out against the climate change alarmists.  What is clear is that the left has no intention of openly debating issues — whether in the world of academia or in the physical world.  It appears that safe space has officially made its real-world debut, and that should scare everyone.

Source: Independent Journal



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