AG Barr Defends Trump: “Your Declaration of Border Emergency is Clearly Authorized”

Attorney General Bill Barr defended President Trump in Oval Office on Friday during the veto of the congressional bill to stop Trump's National Emergency Declaration. Barr says that President Trump's “declaration of an emergency on the Southern border was clearly authorized under the law and consistent with past precedent.”

Well, of course it is. But good grief! Do we even need to quote law to see this? One can arrive at this conclusion using common sense and a dictionary.

Merriam Webster defines an emergency as “an urgent need for assistance or relief.”

If you don't consider all the horrendous crime, drugs, violent gangs, caravans of thousands of illegals marching on the border, deaths and rapes of illegals themselves, etc. etc. etc. an urgent matter, then you are either severely lacking in common sense or need to have your agenda questioned.




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