Africa Refuses Take Back Its Migrants

Meanwhile, because of Africa’s refusal to take back migrants that don’t qualify for asylum, European nations are once again caught in a trap of their own making. In their overeagerness to welcome this influx of migrants into the their countries, they’re left with an economic burden that will haunt them in the coming years, if they live that long.

The Africans complain the EU is “forcing African countries to play the role of policeman” as people from Eritrea, Nigeria, Libya and Somalia flee in unprecedented numbers.

For the African nations, the biggest concern is a return of illegal immigrants will put an end to remittance—the sending of money by migrants to relatives in Africa—an estimated $11.2 billion.

“And that is just a fraction of the overall inflow, as most of the remittances aren’t recorded,” said Dilip Ratha, lead economist with the World Bank. “Sending back economic migrants will put considerable pressure on the country of origin, because if these people go back, wages can drop by 90%.”

While we all feel sorry for these Western European countries, they poured gasoline on a situation created by the United States. The blame goes to many.





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