Adam Schiff: We Can’t Release FISA Memo Because Americans Won’t Understand It

Members of the House are now saying they’ve viewed a “shocking” classified memo detailing the abuse of FISA courts and senior DOJ and FBI officials in connection to the “investigation” of the Trump campaign upon request of then sitting corrupter-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama.

And making everything even more complicated is that there is one man who has zero interest in finding out if the “pee-pee” dossier is valid and if GPS committed any crimes of collusion.

 Jan. 21, in an interview on the Corrupt News Network (CNN), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said the memo should not be released because the American people simply can’t understand it.

Schiff, 57, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (House Intelligence Committee in short),  first dismisses the FISA memo as a set of “distorted” “talking points” that were “drafted” by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee who are in collusion with “Russian trolls and bots”.

When asked by the CNN reporter why not let the American people see the memo and decide for ourselves, Schiff said no (1:18 mark):*

*See video below

Rep. Schiff beliefs you're too stupid to understand the contents of the memo. In other words, he is afraid you might think the Obama administration committed treason and Hillary Clinton colluded instead of President Donald John Trump.

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