Actress Uses Alan Thicke’s Death to Attack Donald Trump

Hollywood hasn't stopped attacking Donald Trump since he began his presidential campaign — and now they don't seem to know how or when to stop.

Actress Lisa Edelstein, best known for her role on the Fox medical drama House, jumped to her Twitter feed Tuesday to react to the death of Canadian actor Alan Thicke — but instead of mourning the loss, Edelstein used the beloved actor’s death as a means to attack President-Elect Donald Trump.

After noting that the Growing Pains actor had died, Edelstein went on to quip, “Seems like everyone is checking out before the Trumpacolypse.”

It just goes to show how little respect there is in Hollywood. They see the death of a peer as an opportunity to advance their own leftist agenda. It just goes to show how they are capable of thinking about anyone but themselves.

Source: Breitbart



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