ACLU: Trump is Stealing ‘Child Suspects’ from Their Parents and Deporting Them

Leave it to Leftists to find another twisted way to try and convince people that the GOP is attempting to steal children away from their homes in clandestine, night raids and deporting them to the most remote of foreign places.  Stupid, because that's what they must think of the American people to believe this ridiculous propaganda.

The children that they are referring to are actually between the ages of 16-28 years old and they are far removed from children.  As well, nearly 75% of these “children” are without their real parents, having been illegally brought here to the United States by coyotes.  In fact, the vast majority of children in these border jumps are unaccompanied because the South American governments actually instruct their citizens who are coming to the US illegally to send their children by themselves because the United States has a very long history of falling for the premise that these children need to be taken in and protected.  Our maternal and paternal nature tainted our view of how we should look at illegals by virtue of the fact that we could not simply turn them away at the border and send them back home.  The children are also instructed to answer many times that they do not know where they live, adding to the problem of simple deportation.

What many do not know is that a very large majority of these children are molested, raped or prostituted out by coyotes or fellow travelers and there is simply no one there to protect them.  By the time some of them actually finally arrive in the US with their freedom, they are already older and have been physically and psychologically damaged beyond repair.  Many of the young boys will end up in gangs here in the US in major cities where it's easier for these illegal aliens to hide and commit crime without detection.

For years this has been the case.  Until now.  As one of the premiere promises made during his campaign, President Donald Trump assured us that, if elected, he would clean up the illegal criminal element in our cities, particularly MS-13 gangs that had invaded our soil from El Salvador.  If you would like to know how bad this criminal element is, think ISIS.

MS-13 members have been know to gang rape, slit throats, behead, burn alive their victims, and be eaten by starving dogs.  They are no joke and they have a ranking system that is based upon murders and rapes.  The more horrific, the higher in rank they will climb.  It's a sick and terrifying world and these “children” who are involved in these gangs are not kids playing hopscotch and Frisbee.  Many of them are cold-blooded killers who will jump at the chance to gain a promotion within their chapter.

The vast majority of this gang lies in both California and New York.  In fact, right within the president's old family hometown of Long Island, some of the most horrid crimes are being committed by these gangs.

ICE has ramped up its operation for combatting this terrorism and the ACLU has taken umbrage with that!

Last week, flanked by police officers in Long Island, President Trump told a crowd of supporters his administration was getting rid of immigrant “animals” who were causing gang violence in their communities. “They’re going to jails,” Trump yelled, “and then they’re going back to their country. Or they’re going back to their country, period.”

But a closer look at who the Trump administration is actually targeting shows that these so-called “animals” are sometimes children who have not even been accused of any crime. Police from Suffolk County are collaborating with the Trump administration to target immigrant children for arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement when the police are “not in a position to make a criminal arrest.” This means that kids who the police department knows it does not have the evidence to criminally prosecute are nonetheless being summarily snatched up by ICE, torn from their communities, and shipped to jail-like facilities, hundreds or thousands of miles from their family and immigration lawyers.

Children from Suffolk County report being falsely labeled a gang member for wearing clothing with a Chicago Bulls logo, for playing soccer with suspected gang members, and for displaying the flag of their home country, El Salvador. This labeling appears to be the first step in a process that results in minors being snatched and whisked away to detention.

As you can see, the ACLU intent is to have you believe that these are little 5- and 10-year-olds who are being ripped out of their parents' arms and sent downtown to be booked.  As stated earlier, many of these “children” don't even have parents in the country, the gangland being their guiding light and proving grounds.  These gang commanders set these 16-28 year-olds with stolen Social Security Numbers and fake IDs and many of them work illegally in the US, their paychecks going to the gang commanders and their activities.

But at least nine children from Suffolk County are being held in highly restrictive detention based solely on unconfirmed suspicions that they are affiliated with gangs. Despite the lessons of history, the Trump administration is once again arbitrarily jailing children.

In a letter last week, the New York Civil Liberties Union warned the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which has custody of immigrant children, that placing minors in highly restrictive detention without adequate cause or process violates the agency’s obligations under the Flores consent decree and federal law.

Do you like the use of the word “arbitrarily” here?  That's like saying that a person who needs a new computer and goes out and finds one while shopping specifically for it has “arbitrarily” chosen to buy one.  It's idiotic.  These young men are illegals, to begin with, and on top of that, they are involved in crime and gang activity.  Even if there is a mistake made in one or the other, there is still illegal activity afoot!

Don't fall for this attempt to fool Americans into believing that upholding federal statutes and laws is the problem here.  Before, I made the reference to ISIS and you may be interested to know that the very same tactic being used here by the ACLU (seems anything with the word “union” in it is corrupt these days) is being used by agents for ISIS who are advertising “children” for introduction into Europe.  Once the “children” arrive, the people who open their homes to these so-called “refugees (meaning that they are fleeing war) find only too late that they are not “children” at all, but grown men between 16-25.

Just last month, a mother who opened her home to five “children” in Sweden was shocked to find one of them raping her unconscious 14-year-old daughter.  When authorities arrested him, they informed her that the rapist was actually 25-years-old and had a wife and child back in Iran!  The judge in the court room sentenced him to one year and 10 months (so that he would be out of jail just about the time that the 14-year-old turned 16) and said that she would not order the deportation of the man because, “based on our current immigration laws, he would only just come back again.”

That's Europe.  This is the United States and we cannot afford this sort of blind stupidity anymore!

Source:  ACLU



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